Sunshine and a secret blanket

My next project was allegedly for my husband but secretly and in truth was for me for our bedroom. This year I changed the curtains and duvet as our yellow wallpaper was still too good to change. I picked a really nice Laura Ashely hydrangea fabric which is very pretty with yellow and muted greys,and a stripe of those colours on the reverse. We have a lovely sunny bedroom and I just love yellow.
I knew I wanted to make a really big granny square blanket, so chose cheaper wool so it wouldn’t end up too expensive. The blanket shouldn’t require too much washing, if any, so it would survive as a decorative rather than well used piece.
I picked two shades of yellow, white, and three shades of grey (not fifty!) and set to work. My husband works away from home during the week so I worked on it when he was away so it would be a surprise at Christmas. I started at the beginning of November and worked hard for 6 weeks. It was made up of four 3×3 squares, all linked together into one big square, then I made 72 smaller squares to go round the outside, then made the border of all the different colours. I learnt my lesson from my kitchen throw to keep my tension right so it wouldn’t go all wobbly.
By the end it was so huge it took two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy to crochet round once! (That’s 90 minutes of Dr McDreamy)
Sewing in all the wool ends took a full day, which I spent with a good friend and chatted as I tidied all the ends up.
My husband was surprised to receive such a huge blanket as a gift which he had no idea had been made. It looks very well on our bed. The dog certainly enjoys it.




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