Sherlock’s Babies


Over the Christmas break we gave in to peer pressure and caught up with the rest of the world by watching the two previous season’s of BBC’s Sherlock. It was great fun, amounting to 7 hours of mystery, suspense, good humour and all round family entertainment. We were gripped and by 31st December ready for the third series which was just as good as the others. And now like the rest of the nation we eagerly await series four…
Anyway, I can’t sit idle watching tv so I bought a load of baby variegated wool with my Christmas money and produced three baby blankets during 6 episodes complete with lovely edging. The best thing about variegated wool is that you get toning contrasting stripes without the pain of changing wool colours and binding in where the yarn is joined. One has already been gifted to a gorgeous Mongolian baby boy born on New Year’s Eve, and the others are put carefully away for some babies due around Easter time.
Baby blankets are great as they don’t have to be too big. The edging was made by chaining 6 between each cluster round the edge. Then stitching a double, three trebles and another double onto each link of the chain, right round. Again, another yarn gobbler, so leave plenty to spare on finishing your rug.
The rug given away was yellow (finishing off my bedroom blanket stash) mint green, and baby blue. It was really sweet and sunny.
The other two are shades of blue and shades of pink. And I found inexpensive yellow variegated wool in Poundstretcher so last night watching the excellent adrenaline fuelled movie “Rush” I got cracking on a new baby blanket.




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