From squares to circles


Now that I have made several square based items I am very keen to move on and try more stitches and patterns. After all, as a knitter you don’t just make scarves, you learn hats and gloves and jumpers etc.
I bought some variegated wool in warm rainbow colours which reminded me of stained glass, some teams it up with black. I was keen to try a circular rug from my trawling through crochet projects on Pinterest.


Using a pattern in my newly purchased book “500 crochet block” by Hannah Elgie and Kath Webber I got to work. Making a circle granny square is no harder than making a square, just working in a round rather than always remembering to put in corners. The black every couple of rows added emphasis and created the stained glass look I wanted. Like a cathedral window. Initially I found I was adding too many sections too quickly so had to rip waaaay back (annoying) but finally got it right. It has now been adopted by my youngest son to add to his collection of quilts, blankets, toys and pillows he buries himself under every night.
I just love how this has turned out and the warm colours in this cold, dark, wet and stormy winter.
Roll on Spring!



This is it on a chair I reupholstered a few years ago.

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