What is your grá?

In the Irish language there is a word for love. “Grá”- pronounced “graw”. Only it isn’t just love, it’s a deep passion that goes right to the core of your very being. In other words, our English word for love just isn’t strong enough.
Anyway, crochet has become my grá, or one of them. And from your reaction to my first blog post, I’m not alone. Hello. And thanks for reading!
Today I am posting the photos of how the kitchen throw, my first piece of crochet, progressed very quickly.
By the end of the first day I had made four squares at home. In the sunshine in the garden. Sigh. Those were the days. At the end of a very dark and wet January they seem a long way away.
Four days later I had to go back to the Textile Studio of more wool.
That’s one thing I have noticed about crochet, it fairly sucks up yarn, giving me the excuse to buy more!



20140128-153629.jpgBy the next class, my second, I learnt to join the squares together, and I realised that I had so many more squares to do to get the throw big enough to cover the back to the settee.

I used a stitch that gave a raised appearance on the right side of the throw, and quickly realised that all my mathematical calculations to make each square different were a little in vain as they were all to be joined together with the cream yarn. You live and learn.
Subsequent blankets have been made with squares where the outer part of all squares are the same colour to intentionally avoid this. Probably a personal choice.
The throw took three weeks to complete. The centre was made from small squares, the outer edge with larger squares. This made the throw buckle as I didn’t get the tension quite right, and in future I made the centre with larger squares and got smaller as the piece grew. You will see what I mean when I blog about my biggest project to date.
I would love to show you a photo of the finished throw in all it’s freshly made glory but as you will see, it was quickly adopted by the dogs!

Dogs also are part of my grá. What is your grá?


4 thoughts on “What is your grá?

  1. I love the colours! Weirdly enough I’m also making a quilt-type thing, too 🙂

    I really wish I could crochet – it seems to be so much more versatile than knitting, which is annoying, because I’m really good at knitting!

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