The day my life changed forever

September 4th 2013 was just an ordinary day for most people. For me, it was The Day That Changed My Life.

Way back in January 2013 I made a resolution that this was the year I would learn to crochet.  I love to knit. I love to make cards. I love to cross stitch. I live to bake cakes. And eat them.
I had wool. I even had crochet hooks. My mother in law made an attempt to teach me. Epic fail. I just couldn’t grasp it.I was frustrated.
So when I heard of a 4 week beginners crochet class I had no more excuses. I signed up and on Sept 4th, a bright sunny morning, I walked through the door of the Textile Studio all eager and nervous.
Straight away I was asked what wool I wanted for the project I was going to make. This surprised me. I thought we would be making maybe a pin cushion or pot holder over the four weeks. But no, boldly I decided that I would start what I really wanted, a throw for our newly decorated kitchen. After all, it is only a square at a time.
First we made a few chains, then learned to join the chains into a circle, then chain out of the circle. Then to do doubles and trebles.
After half an hour I was ready to throw it across the room and go home. This clearly wasn’t for me.
Then, a eureka moment. I changed hook size from 4 to 5 and suddenly the world changed. It all fell into place. I stopped trying to knit with a hook and a finger. I let my left hand do some work. And as if by magic, the magic happened. I could do it!
I left the class after 2 hours with a completed square. And a sack of co ordinating wool. And the inspiration to carry on. I was quite literally “hooked”.



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